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Laryngeal (Voice Box) Cancer

Cancer of the larynx (voicebox) is associated with a history of tobacco and alcohol abuse. Symptoms of throat cancer include, hoarseness, pain with swallowing, bringing up blood, a lump in the neck, or ear pain. If you develop any of these symptoms, a comprehensive evaluation by an otolaryngologist is extremely important. An ENT doctor will carefully examine your larynx and neck. If an abnormal growth is noted, then your physician will order a MRI, CT and/or PET scan. Your physician will also recommend an examination of your throat under general anesthesia (laryngoscopy) and will perform a biopsy of the lesion. Many throat cancers are treatable and, increasingly, non-surgical approaches using focused radiation therapy (intensity modulated radiotherapy or IMRT) with or without chemotherapy successfully control these cancers. The physicians at Ear, Nose and Throat Associates are experienced with managing throat cancers using surgical and non-surgical approaches and will work closely with radiation therapy and oncology physicians to ensure that you receive comprehensive cancer treatment.