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Tinnitus is a word to describe any of a variety of noises in the ears. These can range from ringing, buzzing, or roaring to clicking or pulsing. This condition is very common, and can be transient or continuous. It can be associated with a variety of conditions including hearing loss, allergies, noise exposure, thyroid conditions, blood pressure issues, diabetes and use of various medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, naprosyn, and certain blood pressure medications or antibiotics. It is important that a person with tinnitus undergo both a complete physical examination by his or her primary care physician, as well as a full evaluation by an otolaryngologist. Audiologic evaluation is frequently performed.

An audiogram is also part of the tinnitus evaluation and can be scheduled at The Hearing Resource Center, located in the same building as our offices:
(650) 579-4470
100 S. Ellsworth Ave, Suites 711 and 303
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