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Medtronics Fusion Navigation System

The Fusion Navigation System allows the surgeon to perform image-guided endoscopic sinus surgery. A special CT scan of the sinus is done pre-operatively, and entered into the computerized system. The system is then used during the surgery to confirm the position of the surgeon’s instruments at all times. The CT images and direct views from the endoscope are visualized throughout the procedure.

The surgeons of the Ear, Nose and Throat Associates of San Mateo utilize the Fusion image-guidance system for many of their endoscopic sinus surgeries. The surgeon views the anatomic landmarks using endoscopes. Additionally, the navigation system confirms the positions of the surgeon’s instruments by superimposing them on the CT scan images. This is especially helpful in cases of revision surgery, unusual anatomic structures or nasal polyps, all of which can make visualization of the normal sinonasal structures more difficult.

Image-guided surgery can make surgery quicker and safer for the patient.