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Introduction to Pediatric Otolaryngology

One of the many factors that appeals to medical students about becoming an otolaryngologist is the chance to participate in the care of children and their families. There are numerous conditions that children develop that require attention from doctors in our field. Some common conditions for which we are consulted are middle ear problems, tonsil and adenoid conditions, and hearing loss.

Other Pediatric Conditions
Children can develop numerous other conditions that affect the ears, nose and throat. Examples of such conditions include epistaxis (nose bleeds), ankyloglossia (tongue-tied), speech disorders, nasal and sinus infections, nasal obstructon, allergies, and acid reflux. Other, less common conditions include cholesteatoma (congenital or acquired), cleft lip and palate, and congenital abnormalities. While certain conditions are rare and therefore best managed in tertiary care centers, we believe that the common otolaryngology problems that children experience can be handled efficiently and by a caring and competent team within our community, and we remain committed to providing such care.